Glasses fogging up is a common problem while wearing a face mask.

At last, a simple solution is available! This Anti-fog cloth is a nano molecular dry cloth, highly effective in  preventing vapour condensation (fogging) build up on glasses, goggles and other glass surfaces.


Follow the simple instructions below:

1) Exhale on both sides of your glasses lens

2) Wipe the cloth over fogged area for 10 seconds

3) Keep cloth stored in pouch for re-use

Correct use of this cloth  will give protection for 24 - 48 hours.  Anti-Fog cloths can be reused up to 700 times.


  • Resuable 700 times
  • Cloth size 155 x 145mm
  • Supplied in resealable pouch

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Stop-Fogging-Up reusable cloth (They really work!)