Use these great value Hygiene Control surface disinfectant wipes to keep your work place clean and eliminate spread of infections. These wipes are alcohol free and have been successfully tested in independant lab tests against the following infections (effective time in brackets):-

Bactericidal (30 seconds)
MRS, VRE (60 seconds)
Legionella pneumopjila (5 mins)
Fungicidal (30 seconds)
Clostrudium Difficile (5 mins)
H1N1 Influenza virus (2 mins)
Human Influenza B Virus (30 seconds)
Rotavirus (30 seconds)
Hepatitus B Virus (60 Seconds)

  • Tested to EN14885, EN14476, EN14348, EN13727 and EN13704
  • Wipe Size 200x200mm
  • Resealable pack of 200 wipes

Hygiene Control Surface Anti-Bacterial Anti-Viral Surface Wipes